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  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 1: 1 bottle can use how long.
    Our Hair Tonic is 30ml, basically durable for about 1 month, each time use of a few drops on it, the serving effect is very good, very durable.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 2 : Why is it feel very hot?
    Because our Hair Tonic is a natural Chinese medicine ingredient, it effectively stimulates our cells to make hair grow again.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 3 : Will it be oily after application?
    No, it's like water. Does not cause oiliness to be safe to use.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 4 : Will it smell bad?
    No worry, it's a Chinese medicine ingredient... Just imagine the taste of the herbal soup. It's not bad at all, some people say it's very sweet and smelly.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 5 : Your hair tonic is a little expensive.
    Dear, I believe you now go out to do a hair care are at least a few hundred or even thousands, if you go to Yunnan hair care center not to mention the minimum few thousands, if the hair plant edgy at least a dozen thousand, and we from the inside and out, the effect to the outer packaging can be the same level as the top estee lauder, But our price is more affordable.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 6 : Can both men and women use it?
    Hair care is male and female, today's society is a problem of baldness, for everyone.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 7 : Do you want to use it again when you're satisfied?
    Of course, adhere to long-term care and maintenance is the best, because people will grow old day by day, hair is the same... Long-term/occasional protection will be great.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 8 : alopecia areata can get results?
    Alopecia areata is folklore, the real scientific angle is the hair follicles less a piece, you can use Hair Tonic to try to stimulate the rebirth of hair follicles.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 9 : Botak can use?
    As long as the head has hair follicles, can use it.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 10 : Can hereditary baldness work?
    Hereditary baldness is a high rate of genetic hair loss, which can be used for long-term use of hair tonic as hair care to control baldness.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 11 : Can use by pores be blocked?
    As long as the hair is washed and blown dry, you can use Hair Tonic to activate hair follicle cell regeneration.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 12 : Will my scalp get acne after use?
    This is to look at the individual situation, some people's hair follicles blocked, resulting in acne, (that is normal, a few days will fade) remember: hair follicles blocked mostly because of oily / scalp more, remember wash hair every time after to use.
  • HAIR TONIC Common Problem 13 : What is the reason for hair loss after using Hair Tonic?
    Generally humans will be metabolic will be hair loss, after using Hair Tonic will lose hair is due to metabolism before the unhealthy hair, plus may also eat more outside food, or stress sleep deprivation can also cause hair loss. Don't worry about
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 1: How long does the CAVILLA work and can use for how long?
    Because CAVILLA is a natural green product without hormones, the principle is to activate the hair follicle through small molecules to grow again, eyelash growth takes time, please wait patiently waiting for the arrival of long eyelashes. Generally one month’s effective, one bottle can use 80 days, the effect of ensuring that the absorption of good also have half a month to see the effect of a certain will be effective, the better results is using two bottles.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 2: Does eyebrow have effect?
    CAVILLA eyelash essence can also be used on eyebrows, the effect is good!
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 3: Appear eye red, itchy situation?"
    Don't worry. Starting control the amount of using, eyelash growth liquid is to promote blood circulation, skin thin or sensitive to the beginning of the eyes may appear red eyes, itching, these symptoms will be a few days of their own retreat are normal, remember a small amount of smear, good eyelash growth fluid will have this situation. Of course there are a lot of people with no feeling (be careful not to rub your eyes with your hands, because the hands are have bacteria)
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 4: Eyes are swollen
    It is possible that the eyelash is to speed up the blood circulation, the beginning of some people's eyes more sensitive will appear not adapt to the phenomenon, a few days later subsided, do not worry.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 5: Will the results keep forever?
    Any hair on a human body has a growth cycle, will fall on time, hair is the same, this is to prolong the life of eyelashes and eyebrows, even if not continuous using, the eyelash to grow out again will be better than the original, more healthy and thick long, Of course, I suggest long-term use as a maintenance product.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 6: Why I just started using CAVILLA, lashes dropped (so-called metabolism)"
    With regard to metabolism, some customers may have metabolic situation with eyelash essence, actually the metabolism is not strong eyelashes, new long eyelashes will be more solid and healthier, black will be better, so metabolism is a good thing for us, metabolic period about a week, use with CAVILLA will fast grow up.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 7: Why the length of my eyelashes very good, density no other people so dense?"
    This is the number of hair follicles decided, some people born with more hair follicles, eyelashes will be dense, and less than the hair follicle and eyelash density is certainly not so good.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 8: How to answer the customer who does not have obvious effect?
    Because everyone absorbs different, some people may not be very early effect is obvious, must insist that the second bottles will be more fantastic.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 9: Why is there growing hair around the face/eyes?
    That is because the use of the process accidentally touched the skin caused by the effect of our eyelash is very strong, hairy place will grow hair.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 10: What about extra hair? Will you fall?
    This everybody 100% rest assured, hair will metabolize, and this also can metabolize also will dropped.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 11: How to do with fat particles?
    Because the eyelash is to give the hair follicle enough nutrients, so that the hair follicle growth, plus most people will use eye cream, nutrient excess caused, do not worry, will be their own retreat
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 12: Can pregnant/children use it?
    We do not recommend the use of pregnant women, not the product is unsafe, because pregnant women with any skin care products should be careful, even if the eye drops are pregnant women banned, less than 14 years old the children do not recommend use, child is not necessary to use, breast-feeding can be used!
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 13: Did eyeliner can use?
    The eye line is done after the scab wound is completely ready to use.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 14: Does your product have hormones?
    Don’t worry, if there are hormones I will use it? Do you make fun of your own eyes?
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 15: Your eyelash essence brand seems a bit expensive
    Our CAVILLA indeed many customers say that they are more expensive than other brands, but they will come back to buy our CAVILLA after comparison. Because the products on the eye, always have quality products are not too cheap, and many also because cheap will be disfigured.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 16: How can your eyelashes be so long? Is it extension?
    Not extension. After smearing, the lashes/eyebrows start to grow more full-bodied and grow. Men will become smarter, and women will be more attractive.
  • EYELASHES SERUM Common Problem 17: Does your eyelash essence brand seem to have no other brand famous?
    Entrepreneurship is to seize the opportunity, products just appear on the market can do already, since there is no need to worry about the effect, the opportunity is to walk in front of others, when this product has been very famous, you join become no meaning, because the market has been occupied, you can be divided into a cake, never do small.
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