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Cavilla Eyelash Serum

Help to grow our eyelashes Longer, Fuller, Thicker and Curler. (Can be use on Eyebrows)


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1 bottle can use up to 80 days. Normally 2-3 weeks can see the different. 

1 bottle confirm can see the result, 3 bottles a treatment to get better result. 

100% Guaranteed have result and Safe.

Cavilla Eyelash Serum x 2

SKU: 700
S$112.00 Regular Price
S$100.00Sale Price
  • 1. 1st week use once a day (day/night)
    2nd week onwards, use twice a day (day and night)
    Use on clean face after skin care before make up.

    2. The brush for a new bottle of CAVILLA Lash Serum will have more liquid on this when you start use. Sweep the brush on the bottle mouth.

    3. Carefully apply on lash root. Just apply 1⃣️ pen once will do (where we apply eyeliner) **Do not over apply to avoid product wastage) as excess serum can’t absorb by our lash follicle.

    4. Use back camera to take a clear photo of your current eyelashes in order for you to compare it in the future.


    1. 第一个星期 一天一次 (早/晚)
    第二个星期开始 一天两次(早&晚)

    2. 刚收到的睫毛液刷毛会沾有多余的精华液,使用之前在瓶口处扫一扫,才涂在睫毛根部上 

    3. 用后置相机拍下现在的睫毛,方便日后做对

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