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Cavilla Hair Tonic

Stimulate hair cells and scalp blood circulation, strengthen scalp and hair root and promote hair regrow. Solved any hair loss problem


1 bottle 30ml can use about 45 days, depends how big the area you apply on.

3 bottles for a really to get better result.

Cavilla Hair Tonic x 2

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  • 1. Use on dry hair - at least 70%-80% dry. 

    2. Wash or never wash also can. After apply use ur fingertip to gently massage the area to help for absorption.

    3. 1st week use once a day (morning/night)
    2nd week onwards use twice a day. (Morning & Night)

    4. Use back camera to take a clear photo of your current hair in order for you to compare it in the future.

    1. 使用在最少70-80% 头发干的情况下

    2. 有没有洗头都可以使用.

    3. 第一个星期,一天使用一次(早/晚)

    4. 用后置镜头拍下现在的头发,方便日后对比 

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